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Medium sized practices, such as ours, have the unique ability to offer trainees a very broad range of professional, commercial and inter-personal experiences, and a more attractive advancement path - the progression of which is dependent directly on the trainee's effort and commitmenA training environment in which close working relationships result in life-long professional associations and friendships.

  • A training environment in which trainees work directly with the partners and training officers, and benefit significantly from "apprentice-style" training.
  • Intimate involvement with clients and an opportunity to learn from a wide variety of industries and business, including intimate knowledge of their business systems and business risks – no two days are alike.
  • In a smaller office environment, there are unparalleled opportunities to stand out from the crowd where the effort and commitment equal the reward.
  • Smaller office environments enable faster progression to supervisory levels, and the transfer of management and personnel skills are intense and invaluable.
  • Educational lectures for all staff on relevant topics and access to final qualifying examination courses.
  • Staff development through the attendance of various update seminars run by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and other accredited associations.

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Why choose Charteris & Barnes

Because there is no better choice for YOU! Charteris & Barnes believes that after completing a training contract with us you will be able to be the master of your own destiny! You will be exposed to all the areas you need exposure to under a training contract of SAICA or SAIPA. But more than that you will become a well life skilled individual with knowledge in a variety of business aspects, you will be confronted with a lot of people issues to develop your soft skills and you will be able to take responsibility for tasks delegated to you. You will learn that clients expect more from you and you will be able to deliver it by choosing to have a positive attitude in life. You will experience the camaraderie of the people around you because everyone is working to be more than just themselves – you will be stronger because you are part of a great team!

Charteris & Barnes enables you to start out as an Accountant and Auditor, but gives you a variety of career opportunities in other professional business service companies such as Tax, Financial Solutions, Business Development, IT-Support, Co Services, Executrain and Brand Management.


Our people & culture

Charteris & Barnes believes that every individual within the group must be able to deliver exceptional service to each of our clients by having a positive attitude, current knowledge and a passion for their work. This is achieved through continuous training, both internally and externally, equipping our people with the latest technology and by focusing on procedures and methods to enhance the speed and quality of work being done.

People are our biggest asset and therefore we believe that the group’s strength is determined by the quality of the people we train and employ. We believe that the people in our group must be self- motivated, positive and pro-active people with a balance between work, family and other personal interests. Charteris & Barnes strives in maintaining a pleasant working environment where each individual can reach their full potential as individual person and as a team member. All trustees have an open door policy for every individual within the group.

Career Levels

South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA)

South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA)

Current Vacancies

Audit and Accounting Internships

To apply for SAICA or SAIPA internships you have to submit the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Your Academic Record from the University where you obtained your degree and honours;
  • A Covering letter clearly stating for which articles you are applying and what year you will be starting your internship.

These documents must be sent via email to or can be delivered directly to our office.

Internships will usually start at the beginning of the year with an induction course for all new personnel during the first few weeks. Trainees will be subject to all the rules and regulations as set out by the training regulations of SAICA or SAIPA.

Permanent Positions

Audit & accounting

Vacancies exist for Audit Seniors and Audit Managers. Applications for senior personnel with completed SAICA or SAIPA articles will always be considered after submitting the following documentation via email to or delivered directly to our office:

  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Your academic record from the University where you obtained your degree and honours;
  • Proof of the completed training contract.

Book a guidance appointment

For a guidance appointment with one of our trustees please contact Naas Wait at