Core Mozambique is a dynamic firm which distinguishes itself in the market place by assisting our clients to successfully manage the opportunities, challenges and risks in their economic and business environment.

Core Mozambique started its activities in January 2016, and provide the same high quality, proactive service associated with the Core name, with an additional focus on assisting clients to deal with the special challenges of doing business in Mozambique.

The Directors of Core Mozambique include founding members the Mozambican Order of Accountants and Auditors, OCAM, and also members of SAICA and ICAEW, both established accountancy bodies recognized by the International Federation of Accountants, IFAC.

We are therefore well qualified to assist clients with all their local and international requirements.

Core Mozambique provide services in a professional and innovative way to meet the specific requirements of our clients, covering all services traditionally provided by the accountancy profession.

We are supported, where necessary, by qualified Mozambican professionals in other disciplines.

Our Key Focus Areas
  • Quality, dedicated and professional levels of service to our clients
  • Helping investors doing business in Mozambique
  • On-going professional training for our staff
  • Servicing Small and Medium sized Enterprises who are looking for a more personal relationship with their professional advisors
Our Values
  • Integrity
  • Respect for the individual: treating others fairly and with dignity and respect
  • Service excellence – trusted advisor
  • Teamwork
  • Transparency
  • Leadership
  • Positive attitude
Our Beliefs
  • Being quality minded
  • Seeking facts and providing insight
  • Continuous learning
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Effective communication
  • Commitment to:
    • Ethics
    • Independence
    • Objectivity

Client Service Charter

  • Core Mozambique commits to fully understanding our clients’ objectives
  • Core Mozambique ensures appropriate timely advice through taking an active interest in client affairs
  • A contact partner who is responsible for the overall service is provided to each client
  • Each client has a service team and has direct access to them at all times
  • All client matters are dealt with on a professional and confidential basis
  • Written terms of engagement and the basis for fees on all assignments are agreed in advance
  • All assignments are properly planned with staff who have appropriate skills and experience
  • Timetables and delivery dates are agreed with clients and Core Mozambique delivers what we promise
  • Core Mozambique aim to provide continuity of staff on recurring assignments
  • All communications, whether by telephone, email, fax or post, are dealt with promptly
  • Client expectations and deliverables are managed throughout the assignment
  • Core Mozambique delivers effective advice relevant to our clients' circumstances and objectives
  • Advice is provided by skilled and experienced professionals who have local knowledge.
  • Advice is practical, concise and presented in an easy to understand format
  • CORE MOZAMBIQUE provides innovative and effective solutions to clients.
  • Core Mozambique is committed to achieving consistent professional and ethical standards
  • Core Mozambique has a Quality Assurance programme in place, with which all staff are required to comply
  • Core Mozambique understand our clients' activities and the sectors in which they operate
  • All assignments are reviewed to ensure quality and to identify opportunities to add value
  • Core Mozambique invests in quality people and provides appropriate training and professional development
  • Core Mozambique regularly update our technology to support our clients' businesses

Core Mozambique powered by:

The Core Group Association

Core Mozambique is associated with The Core Group, an association of legally independent professionals. Member firms remain independent but practice in association with one another utilising the Core Group of Service Companies to empower them, to render a wide variety of specialised services to local clients. Although all associated under the Core Group identity, member firms remain independent and in control of their own firm regarding ownership and management. For more information on The Core Group click here.



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