About Us

Core Namibia officers an all inclusive gateway to the Namibian services market for the wider Core Group and the member firms. Supported by professional individuals and leading experts in their respective fields, Core Namibia will enable the service entities and member firms to now acess the Namibian services market.

Due to the extensive intergration between Namibia and South Africa many clients have financial and business interest in both countries. With the introduction of Core Namibia member firms is now able to:


  • expand their services to also cover the Namibian division of their client's wider business structure
  • gain acess to Namibia governmental and regulatory bodies
  • build mutually beneficial relationships with Namibian service providers
  • create a gateway for Namibian businesses to expand into the South African market and thereby growing the member firm's client base
  • better formulate advice and consultations with clients in respect to Namibian businesses and portfolios

The Core Group Association

Core Namibia is associated with The Core Group, an association of legally independent professionals. Member firms remain independent but practice in association with one another utilising the Core Group of Service Companies to empower them, to render a wide variety of specialised services to local clients. Although all associated under the Core Group identity, member firms remain independent and in control of their own firm regarding ownership and management. For more information on The Core Group click here.



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