About Us

The A Team Financial Services is a small accounting firm, situated in the heart of the Northern Cape, Hartswater, in an economy largely dependent upon agriculture. The A Team has established a strong client base of satisfied clients whose businesses have benefited enormously.

The A Team Financial Services was founded by CEO, Danny Blunden PA(SA), April 2017. After working 7 years in an accounting, tax and audit environment, I decided that I wanted to do things differently. My goal is to create an accounting firm that can provide clients with accurate information (timeously) about their business’s performance to assist them in decision making and growing their businesses in a struggling economy and in the meantime keeping their tax affairs up to date.

I am currently operating as a one-man practice, but I am working closely with another accounting firm that is also committed to meeting the same standards, scope and quality of work. This allows me to outsource some of my work that would normally be done by a clerk. Unfortunately, skilled employees are a scarcity in the Platteland, but I always want my clients to know that trained professionals are working with their financial information. Technology allows us to send this information around in a save manner, hence the reason I have clients as far as Cape Town.

Our main focus is to provide clients with a service that covers the entire accounting spectrum, including, processing of accounting records (daily, weekly or monthly, depending on client’s needs), completing and submitting of VAT-& PAY-returns, bi-annual Employee Tax Reconciliations, drawing up of financial statements and submissions of income tax returns for all entity types.


We also offer services relating to CIPC including, company registrations and other secretarial services.

The A Team’s association with The Core Group also makes it possible to connect clients to other role players within the financial sector, for example: estate planners, tax specialists, ect.

At the A Team we strive to:

  • keep up to date with the most recent legislation and market developments to ensure that our clients gain access to the most applicable, practical and valuable knowledge.
  • Sell solutions rather than time. We care about results and benefits.
  • Be client-centred rather than firm-focused. We talk to our clients and find out what they want.
  • have regular communication & a proactive business advisory relationship.
  • prioritize regular communication and trust.
  • use technology to simplify regular communication.
  • be known for follow-through and responsiveness to our client’s needs.
  • earn respect, think long term, be open and honest.
  • observe, listen, understand and assist.
The Core Group Association

The A Team Financial Services is associated with The Core Group, an association of legally independent professionals. Member firms remain independent but practice in association with one another utilising the Core Group of Service Companies to empower them, to render a wide variety of specialised services to local clients. Although all associated under the Core Group identity, member firms remain independent and in control of their own firm regarding ownership and management. For more information on The Core Group click here.



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